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Miracle! It is born from nothing. From the slinters of time, from the images’ intensity, from the emotional explosion. From the refined sense of rhythm and some crazy impetuosity. From the skill of somebody who brings all these things together. A lot of people are professional, but very few can work miracles. FLEXX BALLET can. Today the dancing crew that has won glorious world fame and become popular in Russia and Europe, China and the USA presents a truly miracle: a spectacular show uniting the past, the present and the future. There is a powerful, breathtaking action on the stage. The brilliant idea of the director unites famous characters and modern times showing things that have already become classics in our today’s reality. It takes the audience to the fantasy world. With its 3D technology it is absolutely real and sensationally beautiful. Video installations, laser solutions, unusual costumes and lighting effects.

  All of these give the audience the possibility to watch the show that is as good as some world masterpieces. With the music driving you crazy and splendid dancing. Show and once again show!

A hailstorm of feelings, an explosion of emotions, a funny effect caused by interwoven times, the power of old times and the modern brightness. A kaleidoscope of images and a masterly mix of styles with the utter harmony of the plot. The tandem of the production, lighting, music, scenes, the newest technologies, eternal stories and the ballet itself. And the overwhelming show! And, of course, the dance. Brilliant. Performed with the utter elegance and a breath of the real inspiration. One, and another one —in different rhythms and styles: tango, modern, hip-hop, classical and show dance.

The dancers’ skills allow to reach the perfection of the exterior form and the gift makes it possible for the genuine passion and subtle sensuality break through. One should possess some true infinite ability to relive your character’s emotions and show all the superiority of the body over gravity, mind over matter in a swift flight of a jump that seems to be almost endless, in a crazy rotation, or simply in an instant dying-away or a moment’s head turn.

What the audience sees on the stage is beyond the reality, but FLEXX BALLET will be able to do that. Yes! You can ask - what about the audience? Don’t they want to become one with the dancers after they have seen the performance? Surrender to your stirred feelings and an irresistible desire to move? A miracle is a miracle because it has no boundaries: in the finale there is a dance with the FLEXX BALLET dancers - for everybody.