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Vivid, penetrating, mesmerizing. FLEXX BALLET’s ELEMENTS is a show you need to see. Incredible plasticity of the dancers, the dynamism of their movements, authentic human emotions expressed in dance: passion, ardor, obsession, attraction, tenderness, trepidation, love. Add the latest and up-to-the-minute lighting solutions and most sophisticated special effects to the mix and you will get a unique show where music, light and movement become one indivisible whole.

FLEXX’s ELEMENTS is conceptually and technologically a new unique kind of performance that has no analogues in Russia. Every number is a mini-show, and all of them in the end come together into one unified whole, demonstrating masculine brutality that yields to nothing but love, and feminine grace governed by sensuality. A unique lighting conception utilizing the latest achievements in the field of world-class stage lighting – from LED technologies to pyrotechnics – creates a very special atmosphere. Lighting solutions are skillfully weaved into the story, complementing, setting off and, where necessary, emphasizing and underlining the key figures of dance. Tailored to fit the width of stage, LED-screen backdrops complete the fantastic picture unfolding before the viewer's eyes.

The show is also a unique combination of musical solutions, where one theme seamlessly evolves into the next. It is based on many familiar hits that receive fresh interpretation from the dancers and thanks to that are perceived from a different new angle by the enraptured audience. The concept of diversity of musical themes allows to include all the genre known in the realm of dance into the show.

Dance. Members of FLEXX BALLET mastered it to perfection. It is born from impeccable timing and graceful movement. The pattern of dance is different every time. Tango, modern, hip-hop, classical, variety and all this in inimitable style of FLEXX BALLET! Fragment entitled Fata Morgana, where dancers perform almost completely unclothed displaying immaculate figure and beauty of human body, and through music and movement demonstrate to the audience the supreme degree of convergence of passion and sensuality, evokes a particularly stormy reaction of the house. Fragment Women’s Tango, where dancers express their individuality, passion and power, enjoys a practically endless ovation as well.

All of the dancers of FLEXX BALLET are not only extremely skilled, but also within their performance carry the traditions of various dance schools from all over the world. The BALLET is so multinational, that some of the dancers don’t even speak Russian, having to appreciate the language of dance via the medium of emotion. FLEXX has dancers from Russia, Europe and even Asia. And it is the Asian members of the troupe that have introduced into the show the national features of Chinese dance – unusual and mysterious, protected from the outside world. The audience can’t part their eyes with the duo from China that taking part in dance competitions in America, Australia and China emerged a winner time and again.

The show won its audience a long time ago. In Moscow and Beijing, in St Petersburg and Paris, in Russian province and Chinese multimillion-citizen megapoleis. There is even an act based on Chinese history in the show’s program, that is how popular FLEXX is in China.

Triunity – dance, light, music – makes you tremble before the force of the dancers’ talent. The audience is involved in the performance and feel like they become a part of that sacral rite that takes place on stage.

FLEXX BALLET’s show erases the line between reality and fantasy.
Unforgettable. Fantastic.
Something you have to see.