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1. Wash 700/1200 or LED RGBW 36x10 - x16

2.Spot 700/1200 - x8

3. Beam 5R/7R - x14;

4. М17’’-19’’ screen (VGA/HDMI) – x1

The venue is to be ready by 9 am.

All the gear has to be checked from your console in advance.

Technician on duty is required to be present.

It is important to let us know the location of the light switch for the seats.

5. ATOMIC strobe - x2

6. Blinder 4lite - x6

7. Hazer + Fan(DMX) - x2

8. Martin M2GO console (6 DMX lines) - x1

9. Walkie-talkie – x2

Lighting manager: Artyom Tsuranov


Please, send us your reciprocal tech rider

Stage plots: Stage plot 1 | Stage plot 2


1. Console with basic processing capabilities (Hall, Delay)

2. PC/Mac connection

3. CD player

4. A line of sound monitors on stage

5. Side-fills behind the first curtain

6. radio microphones for rehearsals and show!

FLEXX BALLET screen installation

1. 4 battens just before the 3-rd curtain

2. Stage technicians have to be present at least 5 hours before rehearsal

3. Curtain counterweight rigging

4. We need to receive your stage schematics in advance

Tech manager:

+7(909)533-79-91 Konstantin Valetov


- Coat rack and clothes hangers
- 40 bottles of drinking water (0.5L), not carbonated
- 10 packs of paper towels
- Dim table lights backstage
- 30 chairs with backrests
A gangway behind the backdrop is required.
2 assistants 3 hours before the show.

In the make-up room
Make-up tables with lightning, full-length mirrors
Drinking water, 20 liters, not carbonated
Red bull, 15 cans
Assorted meat and cheese platter

Please kindly make sure that the food and beverage delivered to the make-up room is enough for 22 guests.

Make-up rooms:
5 make-up rooms
Make-up rooms have to be located as close to the stage entrance as possible
2 irons, 2 ironing boards and a presser 3 hours before the show

Tea (50 teabags)
Coffee (2 big cans of instant coffee)
Fruit (apples, bananas, oranges) not sliced, not too much
2 teapots
Disposable tableware
Wet wipes


- Please send us the stage measurements (front to back and backdrop size) one month before the show
- Please also include the dimensions of auditorium (orchestra seats) and the distance between the first and the last seat of the back row
- Do not sell the tickets for the back row
- All services must be ready by 9 am
- Linoleum has to already be on stage by 9 am as well
- Very important!!! Please send photos of stage from the 10th row of orchestra!!!

Advertising campaign:
- The inviting party agrees that all the materials have to be approved by the Ballet’s management
- Photography and videography is only allowed for the first 4 acts of the show
- Flash photography is not allowed!

4 security guards to arrive 2 hours before the show


Organizing party agrees to cover the costs of processing visas for all members of the team, accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner for 24 people), all the necessary equipment as requested per technical rider and accommodation/transportation requirements, excess luggage and airport transfers to and from the hotel.

To coordinate with us email us